We would glad to have you join our league. It is easy to get started. If you’re curious about connecting with Brewbakes café & bar league and fulfills the opening criteria, then we incite you to initiate the registration process to get a quote from us.
For a single café & bar franchise, the calculated initial outlay estimates from 80 lakhs to 1 Cr.
Franchisees are required to pay an initial amount of ₹10 lakhs (inclusive of all taxes) as franchisee fee. Also, franchisees needs to pay a monthly payment of 6% of their net monthly sales which in addition supports the franchise network and also helps in introduction of new products, operations, marketing machinery, and other infrastructural upgrades.
We always focus on achieving an appropriate place at a reasonable rate. We support you in site picking option and discuss with the owner about contract’s terms and conditions. Standard area for Brewbakes café & bar lounge should be in between 2000-3000 sq. feet, inner height ranges between 12-15 ft. with an appropriate frontal and parking area- either owned and rental. Following areas can be deemed fit:
  • Main Streets
  • Malls & shopping complex
  • Nearby theatre or industrial center
  • Rooftop with city view
  • Sea side shacks
Brewbakes café & bar outlets are precisely designed. However, our center of attention is the ambience and interior furnishing to give an unequivocal sensation that shake things up and holds a comeback. Keeping these things in mind, the interior designer will give you with the layouts that will not only fulfill our standards but also render you a customized beautiful design and interactive café & bar. Furthermore, the implementation of these designs is in your hands- you are free to work with the contractors and dealers of your choice.
After the café & bar is functional, franchisee will be provided with a franchisee business manager (FBM) who will support in evaluating and developing all facets of the business. FBM will support you with regional marketing techniques and keeps you updated about impending events & promotions. Through theoretical and practical training sessions to owner and staff, we fulfill our biggest obligation to furnish visitors with commendable food and drinks all time. Apart from this, you will also provide with a comprehensive operational manual, the privilege to use our premier trademarks and techniques, exposure to our authorized distributor, and various other marketing management tools.
Generally the whole process takes 3-5 months to make a café & bar operational, subjecting to various factors such as site accessibility and signing the MoU.
Period of license agreement is for 4 years 11 months.
All your details would be kept confidentially with Brewbakes’ franchise department. We never dispense your personal data & details with anyone.