Essential Toby Keith Songs Every Fan Should Know

Should've Been a Cowboy

Toby Keith's debut single catapulted him to fame with its catchy melody and vivid storytelling, establishing him as a prominent figure in country music.

How Do You Like Me Now

This defiant anthem became one of Keith's signature songs, resonating with audiences and showcasing his bold and unapologetic style.

Courtesy of the Red

A patriotic powerhouse, this song stirred controversy and patriotism in equal measure, cementing Keith's reputation as a patriotic icon.

Beer for My Horses

Beer for My Horses" is a spirited anthem advocating for justice and swift retribution. Inspired by Keith's love for Western films, the song reflects on the idea of taking matters into one's own hands.


As his career progressed, Keith experimented with rock-infused tracks like "I Love This Bar," demonstrating a willingness to push the boundaries of traditional country.

As Good as I Once Was

Collaborations with artists from various genres, including Willie Nelson and Sting, highlighted Keith's versatility and his openness to crossing musical boundaries.

Red Solo Cup

A lighthearted party anthem, this song became an instant hit with its catchy chorus and humorous lyrics, solidifying Keith's reputation as a versatile artist.

Made in America

Celebrating American values and traditions, this song pays homage to the resilience and spirit of the American people, earning praise for its patriotic message and infectious energy.

Legacy and Influence

Toby Keith's evolution from traditional to contemporary country has left an indelible mark on the genre, inspiring a new generation of artists to blend the old with the new in innovative ways.